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These terms and conditions govern the relationship between TENANT HISTORY WEBSITE, LLC (“THW”), and the user of the information provided on this website (“you”). You may print a copy of these terms and conditions for your records by clicking the button below labeled “Print”. Clicking the print button only prints the terms and conditions. You must proceed with the section below entitled “Electronic Signature” in order to continue beyond this screen.


You hereby certify that you understand that the information contained on this website may be governed by federal law and that, therefore, your access to and use of that information may be governed by that law. A “consumer” is the person or entity whose information you are trying to obtain from TWH. You may only request consumer information from this website for the following specified purposes and circumstances and no other:

•  Pursuant to written instructions or authorization of the person (consumer) upon whose information you are attempting to obtain;

•  For use in connection with a credit transaction, such as a lease or rental agreement, loan, land contract or mortgage with the consumer;

•  Review or collection of an account or judgment of a consumer;

•  A legitimate business need in connection with a business transaction initiated by the Consumer, such as the sale of property, potential partnership or joint venture proposal, or other business relationship involving risk associated with the consumer's creditworthiness.

You may not obtain the information contained in this website for any other purpose not specified. To do so is prohibited by law and could subject you to significant criminal and civil penalties. For example, you may not use this website to obtain information: (a) for the benefit of some other person or entity other than yourself, (b) resell the information to other parties, or (c) on a consumer with whom you do not have one of the above-specified relationships.


You further understand and agree that to reject a Consumer or take any action that is adverse to the Consumer's interest based on the information you have obtained, you have an obligation to:

•  Provide oral, written, or electronic notice of the adverse action to the Consumer;

•  Provide the Consumer with the name, address, and telephone number of THW;

•  Provide the Consumer with a statement that THW did not make the decision to take the adverse action and is unable to provide the Consumer with the specific reasons why the action was taken; and

•  To provide the Consumer with oral, written, or electronic notice of the Consumer's right to: (a) obtain within sixty (60) days the information or report relied upon at no cost to the Consumer, and (b) to dispute with THW the accuracy or completeness of the information.


You hereby certify and agree to comply with the above restrictions concerning the purposes and uses of the information provided, and further hereby agree that you will indemnify and hold harmless THW from any and all claims made by Consumer for violation of applicable law and that you will defend THW against such claims and reimburse it for any and all of its costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees.

You also agree that THW has a right to reject a request for information if it, in its sole judgment, reasonably believes that the information can or will be used for impermissible purposes.



(For Providers)


These terms and conditions govern the relationship between “you” as provider of information and TENANT HISTORY WEBSITE, LLC (“THW”). You may print a copy of these terms and conditions for your records by clicking the button below labeled “Print”. By providing information to THW you certify and agree that: (1) the information is accurate and truthful, and (2) is not submitted or provided for some impermissible or illicit purpose, and (3) is a statement of fact.

You further acknowledge that THW may reject any information so submitted by you or anyone else if, in its sole judgment, such information is not reasonably related to the credit history or record of the subject person (“consumer”), and that THW may modify or edit such information in its sole discretion.

You acknowledge that you fully understand that the information you provide is not anonymous, and that THW may be required to disclose such information, including your identity to a consumer if such information results in an adverse action against such consumer.

You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless THW from any claims by any consumers that the information or reports that you have provided are not accurate, and that you will participate and cooperate in any effort by THW to investigate the accuracy or the authenticity of any such information.



By clicking the button below labeled “I Agree”, you:

•  Acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms and conditions as specified above;

•  Agree to be bound by the terms and conditions;

•  Certify that you are requesting and will use the information obtained solely for permissible purposes as specified above;

•  Are entering into a binding contract with THW; and

•  Are signing this Agreement using your electronic signature.


Under federal and state law, an electronic signature like this one is just as binding as manually signing a paper document.

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